Monday, November 28, 2005

All Good Things Come to an End

The long weekend is over. Office begins. Have to wait until Christmas until the next long weekend :(.

It was a whirlwind Thanksgiving holiday. My cousin from Seattle (whom I visited in Seattle, as posted here) was here for the weekend. On Thu, we had a party at home - a potluck supper. Emboldened by last year's success, we'd decided to bake a turkey this time as well, but it didn't turn out as well. But all the other dishes more than compensated for the turkey (pun intended), and as we were the hosts we had enough left-overs to avoid cooking for the next few days (which was the main intention anyway!).

Fri & Sat were spent on shopping (show me a girl who doesn't go into raptures at the very word, and I will do 5 somersaults!), and of course the quintessential NY tour (I donned the persona of Raju-guide most of the time). Sat night we pushed off to Atlantic City, where we did NOT make much money - terrible luck at every game (at least, we did not lose much - small mercies).

The 'Taj Mahal' casino is quite beautiful, though I didn't quite understand why Donald Trump came up with the Taj Mahal angle. Sure, it had a few domes here and there, but then it could also have been called the Jama Masjid !!! But the sheer opulence was amazing, I have to admit. Perhaps Sanjay Leela Bhansali took an Atlantic City trip before making Devdas ;).

Despite minor hiccups like missing the train, my cousin did make the 3:00 PM Delta flight, and flew back to Seattle. I believe she's searching for a 'I Hate Seattle' tee; she already bought a 'I Luv NY' tee, which even I haven't done so far ! Anyway, she's gone back, I am as depressed as ever :(.

P.S: In case you didn't get the hint: I NEED A VACATION BADLY !!!!!!

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