Thursday, November 17, 2005

Blog of a Doppleganger

My doppleganger Vidya has begun her own blog, and her first post has me on it! Am so flattered :).

Vidya and I met through an online networking community, and discovered to our amazement that we shared an huge number of similarities - school and college percentages, univ-ranks, fav' books/authors/movies, likes & dislikes - mostly everything that mattered; it was damn uncanny. I used to spend ages chatting with her, leaving aside pending work and other activities, discovering more and more intriguing coincidences (metempsychosis, anybody?). After I moved to NY, we have not been in touch as frequently, most of which is my fault.

But then I needn't worry, for I know what she is happening to her is probably happening to me too, and so I have a pretty good idea of what goes on :). And am sure she does too !

I believe she has a post on cricket in store soon...waiting on it, Vidya!

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