Saturday, November 19, 2005

DNA, I Salute You!

After several bloggers firmly established that an article on DNA (Daily News and Analysis) had been pilfered almost outright from Cricinfo, DNA had a choice - do the right thing and warn the author, or ignore everything. They have displayed some ethics in choosing to do the right thing - by issuing an apology in their Sports section, and sending out a strong warning to their staff, they've sent out a pretty strong message. Kudos, DNA - you've got yourself a fan for life!


Moushumi said...

Big Deal!!!!! wat else could they do anyways-they were caught red handed:)
FYI DNA is not the only newspaper whow as caught on the wrong side and who tendered a apology and all the stuff-It is a common problem. the point is why did DNA need to wait for Bloggers to point out their copy paste article?? If they were authentic, their due diligence would have caught it long back. Bottomline -everyone wants a free ride on the philosophy " not guilty until caught". A self proclaimed righteous person like you would do well than to give kudos to such craps.

Ranjit Nair said...

I do know that DNA is not the only publication to plagiarise; there have been instances from Indian Express and The Hindu, of late. It was just that DNA was the first newspaper that took any action I knew of; for instance, TOI copies stuff regularly with abandon. I guess the problem here is that the newspapers never know when an article submitted to them is copied; there are just too many other publications, websites and blogs to monitor. It has to be upto the journalists to be original, and to the newspaper to rap the journos on their knuckles when caught copying - is what I tried to convey here.