Thursday, November 03, 2005

Just Read

this farcical article about 'how to spot terrorists in a bus'. Apparently, bus drivers and conductors are being trained to 'read faces, which will enable them to spot terrorists who might be riding on the bus'.

The most hilarious part is in a seperate section titled 'what you can do too'. Read on:

What you can do too:-

# Look out for people who appear tense, over-cautious, have shifty eyes and keep looking over their shoulder.

# Look out for people who are in a hurry to get out of the bus.

# Point them out to the conductor, and help 'him' catch hold of them.

# The conductor will then question and frisk them, and if necessary check their baggage too.

Point #2 is my favourite..half of us would be under the 'needle of suspicion' then (that is a term an old fuddy-duddy prof in my college used to use, often to hilarious effect !). Also, note that the conductor HAS to be a

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