Monday, December 19, 2005

Yet Another Weekend Out of Town

This quarter, I have been travelling a lot. In fact, I probably haven't been in NY for a weekend more than thrice this entire quarter. This weekend, it was Greenville (SC).

Greenville was almost like being back at offshore - lots and lots of familiar faces. Saturday was really, really hectic, though - started to the Wolf Laurel Ski Resort by around 7:00 AM. Skiing was fun, found myself getting the hang of skiing much easier this time (my previous attempt was disastrous). Got back and went for King Kong. The movie is as amazing as the reviews claim, although it does get a bit tiring to see all the different kinds of creepy insects, bugs and other animals that Peter Jackson thought up. The ape's face displays an astounding gamut of expressions, ranging from petulance and ennui, to sheer animal fury and tender love. Even the most uncouth audience would gasp at the irony when a character in the movie says "it's just an animal; it has no feelings", and this is where Peter Jackson has succeeded as a director. A must-watch, this King Kong.

But I digress. The Greenville trip's been one that has been pending for a long time; my friend Ramya has been urging me to come over for a long, long time, and so this week I took a spur-of-the-moment decision to go over. She's one of the close friends I have gained through the chat-syndrome that I talked about here. I also met a whole lot of people who I'd seen in Chennai, but not really had fun with. Makes me glad I made the trip. Isn't it funny how sudden decisions turn out to be good for you most of the time?

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