Monday, January 30, 2006

Got Tagged

by Shruthi , who is one of the many bloggers whose posts I look forward to. I looked up her blog after she commented on one of my posts, and have been checking regularly for updates ever since (btw, her post on one of my fav' books 'God of Small Things' is just awesome). Take up the tag, though my list is certain to be nowhere as verbose or comprehensive as hers (read this and this).

Things That Drive Me Mad:

# People who are not punctual. It irks me no end to wait for (or because of) somebody who doesn't care about one's time.

# People spitting on the road (especially red paan spittle).

# Somebody walking into a closed room where I am reading/sleeping/whatever to do something inconsequential, and then walking out without closing the door again - drives me up the wall every time.

# Somebody extolling the many virtues of Hinduvta while deriding other religions.

Somebody extolling the many virtues of India while deriding other countries.

# People who insist on speaking in their mother-tongue even though it is apparent that there are people around who don't understand the language - especially in office.

# The Heat - I can't stand summer !!

# Parents who try to get their daughters married as soon as they become pubescent.

# Men who are willing, and even demand, dowry - and then proudly mention the logistics to all and sundry.

# Stupid TV serials that go on for an eternity.

# Peoples' timetables being dictated by the stupid serials mentioned above.

# The kitchen sink full to the brim with unwashed vessels, with grains of rice and splotches of curry floating around randomly (is a much more common site in us bachelors' houses).

# Small pesky kids who spit (at you, or on the ground), and their parents who just murmur a mild admonition.

# Being urged by self-righteous, self-proclaimed 'guides' to pay more to get 'a better view' of the idol at crowded pilgrimage centres.

# That last mosquito which continues to elude you and hums annoyingly in your ear as you are trying to go to sleep.

# Vegetarians urging me to give up meat, and live a healthier life. Arrey, its my frigging body yaar !

# Navjot Singh Siddhu being called a good commentator - he sucks big-time !

# And, as expected, lots more.

Things That Lift My Spirits:

# Curling up with a sensational book, with soft music on.

# Having a scrumptious meal while reading an old favourite - its so much fun anticipating a particularly well-written passage, and actually getting to it - while munching away all the time, balancing both the plate and the book, and wiggling to turn pages. I know, I know, am loony!

# Seeing a much-hyped movie, and the movie actually meeting/exceeding your expectations (now, this is exactly why I love Kamal Hassan!).

# Chatting (online) with close friends.

# When a sketch I am trying out comes across well.

# Solving an issue at work that has been perplexing everybody else - gives you a different kind of high, believe me.

# When a new recipe being tried out turns out to be wholly & unexpectedly mouth-wateringly delicious.

# Goofing around with a cute and well-behaved kid.

# A well-stocked, cataloged library/bookstore with a whole lot of unread books, and lots & lots of time to spare - with nobody to disturb you.

# A cold beer in an air-conditioned room, after coming in from the Chennai sun during April / May - manna from heaven couldn't taste better, trust me (a plate of well-grilled tandoori chicken would go along well with the beer)!

# A well-written, well-researched article on a stimulating topic.

# Compliments from an unexpected quarter (a particularly difficult customer).

# When somebody you personally trained does a great job at work.

# Ribbing somebody sporting enough to take it in a good sense until he/she (preferably a she!) begs for mercy.

# Browsing around in a music-store / card-shop.

# Getting together with old school/college friends and talking about the 'good, ole days'.

# Sachin Tendulkar creaming the opposition in an ODI.

# VVS Laxman playing yet another very, very special innings.

# Brian Lara hitting yet another exemplary century when the stakes are down.

# And many, many more !

Of course, all those of you who read this are tagged as well - so go put up your own lists, and leave a comment for me to read it too.


RagdaPattice said...

Hey clone-ji,
I hv put something in my blog(finally!)
do check it out whenever you get time.
BTW whats tagging?

Ranjit Nair said...

expect comments time now !!

And tagging is basically asking passing the buck, sorta - if you read it, you gotta do it. So, since you read my list, you gotta make up ur own, and pass it onto others. For a long time, a fav' books'n'movies tag was running, and became very popular too!

Shruthi said...

Hi Ranjit.. you are the first one to finish the tag... and man ... WHATTA LIST!!! I thought mine was complete, and now I read both your lists and I find myself nodding and smiling, and I agree with everything and feel like going and updating my list ;)) But no, I won't do it :D
Yes, u r right, even after you are done, you keep thinking, oh, i can add this, that, everything!
Totally enjoyed reading this....
And also, thanks so much for the fantastic words about me :)

Ranjit Nair said...

Shruthi, thx for the comments. Yeah, I thought my list wouldn't be long, but kept going on & on - am thinking of new stuff even now (never knew I was such an irritable character!).

Pradeep said...

One thing that puts me off is people insensitive to others' feelings.
And one thing that lifts my spirit is some melodious songs.

Ranjit Nair said...

Pradeep, you gotta make up a full list. Try it, lotsa fun :). Btw, I share your put-offs and turn-ons!