Monday, January 02, 2006

No More

Reading this review of Dev Anand's latest ludicrous offering 'Mr. Prime Minister' sparked off memories of another one of Dev saab's imbecilic creations - Awwal Number (I actually had the misfortune of seeing this one in a theatre at Delhi), a tale of love, betrayal, family relationships and terrorism revolving around the Indian cricket team !!! The movie starred a visibly embarassed-looking Aamir Khan.

In fact, it seems that when Ashutosh Gowariker (of 'Lagaan' and 'Swades' fame) narrated the story idea of 'Lagaan', Aamir almost had a heart attack; not another cricket-movie, is what he said !!!

Dev saab plays the elder brother and - AND - coach of India's premier batsman, Aditya Pancholi, who happens to be an egoistical bastard. Of course, not content with these responsibilities, Dev saab was also the commisioner of Mumbai police and is now the manager-cum-coach of the Indian cricket team. When Aamir Khan challenges Aditya Pancholi's position of numero uno (in a classic sequence, where Aamir joins an Indian cricket theme song, and sings so well that he becomes the lead singer !!!), Aditya grows increasingly disgruntled and joins a terrorist organization !! In the meantime, Dev saab gives in to frantic requests from the public and takes on the added responsibility of 'Head of Anti-Terrorist Wing'. What he does when he discovers that his younger brother is now a terrorist forms the 'thrilling' climax against the backdrop of an India-Aussie cricket match, where it is revealed that our Dev saab is an amazing sniper as well !!

Whew !!

Bollywood producers, smugglers with black money to dispose of - I beseech you - please, please do not unleash Dev Anand on us yet again. Let him preserve what little dignity and respect that he still summons !!!

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