Friday, February 24, 2006

Rants 'n' Raves

Thumbs Down to:

  • The quasi-Nazi RSS proclaiming that 'all Muslims and Christians in India should accept that their ancestors were Hindus, and that 'by nationality' they are all Hindus'. So, hey all of you non-Hindus-whose-ancestors-were-Hindus, if you wanna 'proclaim' , my blog is all yours.
  • The whole Danish-cartoons controversy. Ever heard of dignified protest, folks? You don't like the cartoon, go bloody sue the newspaper and/or the cartoonist - NOT issue so-called fatwas and chop off other folk's heads, or burn down embassies.
  • Offers of Rs. 51 crores (bloody hell!) and Rs 11 lakhs for a certain M.F.Hussain's head and hands respectively. At least, he's worth something; who'd pay half an anna for your ass, losers?
  • Yet another one of those bird-flu scares. With our pumped up immune systems, I bet our kick-ass antibodies would lick the unsuspecting flu viruses. Yet, self-appointed health inspectors destroy all those chickens and eggs with barely suppressed glee. I often suspect our propensity for violence is just hidden below the surface, ever-ready to surface at the drop of a hat.
  • The Ganguly juggernaut rolls on. Give it a rest dada - retire and open a gym, or a restaurant, or some such thing. They should probably drop Kumble too - I mean, how long will you flog the old racehorse yaar?
  • Q:Why has the US not questioned AQ Khan, whose activities intersect proliferation and terrorism?
    A: Well, we were the nation that exposed the conspiracy to deal with — more than the conspiracy, the activities, let me rephrase that — we were the nation that exposed the activities of sharing technologies, sensitive technologies, nuclear weapons-related technologies. And we, of course, want to know as much about the AQ Khan network as possible. But had it not been for US intelligence, coupled with British intelligence, this network never would have been exposed. And the light of day helps understand proliferation.
    Wow! What was the guy trying to say? Siddhu-paaji, buck up; you have some serious competition here. Read the full interview, it is hilarious. Can somebody please remind Mr. George Bush that oratory is not exactly one of his prime strengths?
A Big Hurrah to!
  • Judge Abhay Thipsay, in what could end up as a landmark verdict in our judicial history, pronounces the accused in the Best Bakery (Godhra) case GUILTY. Moreover, further notices have been issued to all the witness suspected of perjury. WOW - knock'em down, buster!
  • Will Smith doing his thing. Now, I have always been partial to the guy. But hey Will, old chap, knock it off about Ash, will ya - much as I dislike her plastic acting, I am (like every other hot-blooded Indian male) rather partial to her looks !!
  • Inzamam (of the funny run-outs fame) offers no excuses for his team's loss to India. This laconic, lazy-but-elegant master batsman turns in surprisingly articulate columns, and the latest one is no exception.
  • Rang De Basanti. Weeks after seeing it, scenes and dialogues linger in the mind. And I still haven't got over listening to the music. Despite the flaws, this film works - and how!


Pradeep said...

All that about the cartoons and the happenings after that just non-sense. But one thing: being in the media I have realised that when someone comes pointing a knife at you, all your freedom of expression goes for a six. I am talking from a practical point of view, when more immediate realities of life temper one's ideals and principles. Applies not just to cartoons and freedom of speech, but many other principles we all so proudly hold forth.

Ranjit Nair said...

@Pradeep: True, at knifepoint, ideals, principles, religiion etc would go for a toss, at least in the cases of most of us. But then, I still haven't figured out how things deteriorated so badly over stuff as mundane as paintings and cartoons. I mean, yeah sure, MFH's Bharat-Mata painting as well as the cartoons were rather tasteless IMO, but were they strong enuf to incite riots & razing down embassies? Not from where I stand, anyway (but then am a rather ambivalent type anyway!).

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