Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Genius is as genius is...

Yesterday I saw a movie called 'Amadeus', directed by Milos Forman (of 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest' fame), based on Peter Shaffer's play of the same name. And I was spellbound - both by the music and by the movie itself.

The movie is all about the life and times of arguably the greatest musician the world has ever known - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, shown through the eyes of his bitter rival (though I believe this is historically challenged) Antonio Salieri. The music pieces are, of course, sublime (and believe me, that is an understatement). F. Murray Abraham does a tremendous job in portraying the different emotions of Salieri - bitterness, admiration, rapture, jealousy, even evil. Tom Hulce was slightly less effective as Mozart; his version of eccentricity walked a tight line from being a caricature. Altogether, the movie well deserved its 8 Oscars, I would say.

A fact that particularly fascinated me: Mozart was often shown 'creating' his music, never even putting down a wrong note. He just wrote his music, not even bothering to play them out. I have read that our own genius - the inimitable Ilayaraja - operates in much the same fashion too. Coincidence, anybody ? Don't know, but somehow makes me proud !!

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