Monday, November 07, 2005

Of Other Blogs...

Dilip's post on why Indian Muslims need not condemn every act of terrorism committed in the name of their religion has been attracting quite a bit of attention. I wonder why: to me the issue is simple enough:

Do I abhor of, hate, absolutely detest every single sick act of genocide committed by the members of my own fraternity (against Sikhs in Delhi, against Muslims in Ayodhya, Bombay, Gujarat etc)? Yes I do. But I do NOT believe it is my duty to stand up and protest against each of these acts, nor does anyone even have the right to link me to these depraved acts of cowardice. And this is true of all religions.

Aishwarya has two wonderful posts on the run here. The first one (read it here) is an excerpt from another blog, I believe, but nonetheless wonderful. It's about Bong nicknames, and I have already fwd-ed it to anybody with a Bong connection I know. The second one is about an ad I have not seen, but the post is evocative of nostalgia, shame and guilt (I have done my share of doll-bashing too, as I am sure my sister would attest to). Read it here.

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