Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Lauch of Chiseled Space

Have been meaning to do this for a long time - post some of the stuff I draw. But then, I found out there's too much stuff I've done over the course of a year, and a drawings-blog seemed to be a better idea.

Btw, please note that I hold no claims to originality. I draw mainly about mythological characters, or stuff with religious connotations - irrespective of what religion it is. I get ideas, I 'google' them, find 4-5 images, and then draw them using the mouse (most of what I post here has been drawn using the mouse). Hence, while my ideas are original the actual pictures themselves could be amalgamations from different sources. Hence the name - Chiseled Space.

There should be plenty of updates on this one, as I have a huge backlog to post upon - so watch the chiseled space, folks !

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