Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Mani Ratnam Inspired by Sanjay Gupta !

Sounds implausible? Well, Anu Malik and Deva don't quite cover the definition of 'Thief'; it takes somebody of the great foresight and wisdom of Sri Sanjay Gupta to inspire Mani Ratnam to make 'Thiruda Thiruda' (dubbed as 'Chor Chor' in Hindi).

Gupta-ji, you are no better than a common thief who steals a great black bull, whitewashes it and paints great pink udders on before selling it off as an Indian 'Jersey' cow to an unsuspecting somebody. In fact, you are worse - at least, cows sell in the market.

Great Bong and Raja Sen (of Rediff) say it better than I ever could (read here and here for the respective articles).

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