Sunday, July 30, 2006

My World This Month

Blogging has hit a severe roadblock; the organization I work for has decided to block every single site in the world. Wonder why we have the Internet, after all - the org might as well remove all connectivity, for all the good that being connected does us. IMO, if the purpose of such mass-blocking of sites is to increase productivity, then they certainly have their policies all wrong.

Anyway, due to such hindrances at work I decided to opt for a broadband connection. But the Airtel customer-service being what it is, I truly do not know when I will get a connection (a visit to the Airtel office has already proved futile).

It's been an eventful month, certainly. On the personal front, hectic wedding preparations are going on. And of course, this has not been the quietest of months otherwise either. First we had the RD (Reader's Digest) survey on rudeness (which, it appears, was really a survey on courtesy) which hit the news. There were a lot of Mumbaikars vehemently protesting against the methods of survey, against the results and even recommending 'ruder' cities. The last I heard, the Shiv Sena were planning to burn all shops that sell RD (hopefully, they won't really do it; I am just kidding!).

And then we had the Mumbai blasts. Of course, for all our government has done about it, the blasts might never have happened at all. I remember what happened when there was an attack on Parliament; military operations on the border were instantly escalated, and remained intensified for a couple of months. Moral of the story, I guess, is that our government will act against terrorists only they are targetted personally. Wah, government ho to aisi!

Many people also praised the 'spirit of Mumbai', and remarked that this was an apt rejoinder to poor RD. The poor Mumbaikar attempts to get on with his life as best as he can, and even that is politicised. Could people please stop talking about this indomitable spirit, at least at this time? Any other city in the world would have responded in the same way in the face of such devastating tragedy (e.g. NY during 9/11, the affected areas during the tsunamis etc). Instead, hit out at our inability to do anything about this continual terrorist threat.

For all our criticism of America's policies on terror, remember one thing: they have not had another terrorist attack on their soil. I am sure thay'd rather take on all the criticism than face another 9/11. Most unfortunately, our government seems to believe in the reverse - hence the sorry state of affairs.

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