Sunday, November 12, 2006

Married Life

Why does everybody feel like they have to ask me what my married life is like? I mean, its not like I am going to tell them them that married life sucks; so why! And this 'married life' thing is a huge misnomer; so far, 'married life' is pretty much like 'unmarried life'! Ok, mabbe I'm a bit green behind the ears still, so ask me the damn question coupla years later, dude!

And then then are the marriage jokes. Everybody, but everybody has a marriage joke to tell me. Its not all that hilarious, folks; check out whether the grin plastered on my face is genuine at first! In fact, not a single marriage-joke has amused me so far.

The last two weeks have passed by like a whirlwind; we had the appointment at the US consulate, where an old lady in her 60s trying desperately to look as if she were in her 40s instead, clicked her tongue sympathetically at my wife while viewing our marriage photographs (ithe photos are a necessity at the consulate to get a dependent-visa for your wife). I explained to her that all the snaps where I was topless were inside the temple, and she passed on a wry 'Yeah, I know' in my direction (I liked the tone of that one, though, resigned and incredulous all at once!). And the visas were ours.

Barely a week later, we found ourselves on an Emirates flight bound to Dubai (and then to JFK), with our rented house in Chennai left in shambles, and our poor parents left to take care of packing off all our stuff home. Upper management sucks, I do have to say - havent they heard of something called prior notice? If it wasn't for my friends in this project, I'd never have had an inkling, and would have had to call the whole thing off. As it was, it was quite hectic.

Landed in JFK, reached the hotel. This is the first time I was being put up in a hotel like this, and I went ape-shit after 4 days like this. Needless to mention, my wife was snapping at me for every second word I uttered. Thankfully, I managed to find an apartment and shift within 3 more days. And right now, its apartment-furnishing time!


Anonymous said...

haha - "wife snapping at me every second word i uttered" that IS married life :)

Ranjit Nair said...

Thankfuly, it hasn't descended to only that yet! The honeymoon period is still not over, I guess.