Sunday, January 15, 2006

SightScreen has moved

to a new location (on rediff instead of blogspot). To the uninitiated, the site offers great coverage of cricket by Prem Panicker, Worma and others. But somehow, I feel that the old site seemed easier to navigate (or am I merely feeling queasy about yet another change to a favourite blog) ? Let me give it some time !!

There's a great article on Sehwag on the site (full article here), by Prem Panicker (a writer whose stuff I follow ardently; he writes brilliantly about movies, cricket and politics). As mentioned in Prem's article, 'irresponsible' is a word I often associate with Sehwag. He plays pretty much in the same audacious manner, whether he's batting with the tail to save a match, facing McGrath in a particularly fiery spell or giving Bangladesh a fearsome pounding. When he carries it off, it looks spectacular; but on the other hand, his failures look pretty dumb as well (especially when he falls prey to wily ploys by the 'thinking' bowlers time and time again). Gawd, give him sense !!

P.S: Has anybody else felt that Dileep has a writing style very similar to that of Prem ?

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